Message from Executive Body

Message from Chairman

Mr. Vishwanath Shah


It is my great pleasure to share our dream of making Shubhashree a top class educational institution. Our competency lies in creating an environment that is conducive to personal development, professional development and socio-cultural balance all these within an ecosystem of Fun, Happy and Smart Learning. It is also linked with the concept of creating an educational umbrella that is accessible to all. In addition to this, we hope and dream of scaling new heights with a world class educational institution.

Besides, we strongly believe in academic excellence and do not compromise on teaching standards, methodology and discipline. These attributes, among others, are the springboard on which we operate. Moreover, Shubhashree is a sister concern of DV Education Network, which introduces a whole new level of professionalism and standards in our guiding philosophy. Our corporate associations and networks are leveraged for maximizing job placements/ internships for our graduate students. We strongly emphasize on Innovation in all our processes thereby developing dynamism and competency among our valued students. We dream of transforming our students into intellectually adept, technically sound and socially responsible personas.

Thank you

Message from Managing Director

Mr. Tarun Pratap Shah

Managing Director

It is our mission to establish the best practices of educational experiences and more, within our institutions at DV Education. We, at Shubhashree College of Management, provide a transforming experience for our valuable students and equip them with the right sets of practical skills that go an extra mile beyond Academics, when it comes to reshaping personalities, building strong characters, a positive attitude and perspectives, and having the right balance of exposure which prepare our students for a better future.

For all those students pursuing their own entrepreneurial journey, we provide full support to hone and shape them accordingly- from providing mentorships to access of start-up funds to participation in various competitions and events. Each individual’s capabilities will be guided for their specific enhancements, making the most use of our Business Incubation Centre for Management Students. We emphasize on maximum internship/ job placements for our valued students across major corporate organizations in Nepal (for Management students) with who we already have MOUs and official collaborations; and across International Hospitality chains in Nepal and other Asian countries (for Hospitality students).

All our Hospitality Practical labs have been installed with Industry- standard equipment and ambience with aim to increase workspace familiarity for students’ even prior to their internships.

Nepal is one of the youngest countries in the world and our youth are the future face and game changers of our country. It is our commitment to our students, faculties, team and management of DV Education that we see this through, to turning all our stakeholders into responsible, empowered, positive, confident, knowledgeable and progressive citizens.

Thank you.

Message from HOI

Education is about empowerment, about cultivating a human being to the highest possible potential- a tool for fulfilling the immensity of Being. - Sadhguru

Shubhashree College of Management has its clear vision and mission objective. In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we encourage students to push themselves beyond their own limitations to meet and exceed their academic and social goals. Students are the future role models of the society; we care for the individual development of each and every student. Our motto is continuous improvement in academics and requirements to nurture tomorrow's global leaders today.

Our highly resourceful faculty endeavor to teach not only academic programs but also life skills needed for students’ self- development. Extra activities at Shubhashree College of Management have been very influential to improve critical and creative thinking, communicating and collaborating; also transforms them with the positive skills that will empower students to obtain a career and make a meaningful contribution to society at large.

Manita Oli

Head of Institute

Shubhashree College of Management

Affiliated to Pokhara University


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